MediaLink creates competitive advantage and growth strategies by navigating and connecting Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Wall Street.

At The Center Of Change



Don’t just survive the marketplace -
Drive it.

In our constantly evolving business world, adapting is not good enough. At MediaLink, we live at the intersection of media, marketing, advertising, entertainment, technology, and finance. We are uniquely connected to see and seize opportunities in shifting landscapes. To us, disruption is an open door and pipe dreams are possibilities.

We do more than help our clients survive change; we provide insight and experience to help businesses drive vigorous and sustainable growth. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help clients be successful because we have built, fixed, and run businesses; we have managed P+Ls, sales, marketing and product teams.

Everything we do is informed by an operational lens; we are a team of practitioners, not theorists. Our strategies and solutions are steeped in pragmatism and designed for action and implementation. We help our clients find opportunity in change—and drive it.

What we do


MediaLink works with organizations that are not satisfied with maintaining the status quo. We drive growth and foster innovation by identifying key challenges, providing practical strategies and tactics, and helping implement the solutions. We keep business moving with minimal disruption.

The practice areas below depict a cross-section of the work we are engaged to do. Please scroll through to read more about the solutions MediaLink offers:

Who we are


Founded in 2004 by Michael Kassan, MediaLink is a strategic advisory and business development firm. In 2009, Wenda Harris Millard, a digital pioneer, joined MediaLink. Today, we are an experienced team of over 75 proven leaders with operating experience in media, marketing, advertising, entertainment, technology, and finance. We work to drive growth and competitive advantage for organizations of all sizes, from global, Fortune 100 brands to startups.

  • Kassan-Michael1
    Michael Kassan
    Chairman & CEO
  • Harris-Millard-Wenda
    Wenda Harris Millard
    President & COO
  • Gittlin-Grant
    Grant Gittlin
  • Anderson-David
    David Anderson
    Senior Vice President
  • DeMarco-Devrie
    Devrie DeMarco
    Senior Vice President
  • Evans-Daryl
    Daryl Evans
    SVP Mobile, Media and Advertising Strategy
  • Glock-Bernhard
    Bernhard Glock
    Senior Vice President
  • Haikara-Jason
    Jason Haikara
    Senior Vice President
  • Kahan-Jonathan
    Jonathan Kahan
    SVP Finance & Operations
  • Kapadia-Sunil
    Sunil Kapadia
    Senior Vice President
  • Kassan-Smith-Brett
    Brett Kassan Smith
    Senior Vice President
  • Klein-Lesley
    Lesley Klein
    Senior Vice President
  • McCarter-Guy
    Guy McCarter
    Senior Vice President
  • Rosenfield-Laurie
    Laurie Rosenfield
    SVP, Executive Search
  • Salomon-Dee
    Dee Salomon
    SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Simpson-Cleary
    Cleary Simpson
    Senior Vice President
  • Spangenberg-Karl
    Karl Spangenberg
    Senior Vice President
  • Spiegel-Matt
    Matt Spiegel
    SVP/GM, Marketing & Technology Solutions
  • Uva-JC
    JC Uva
    Senior Vice President
  • Westcott-Bill
    Bill Westcott
    Senior Vice President
  • Berns-Mark
    Mark Berns
    Vice President
  • Boerger-Alexis
    Alexis Boerger
    Vice President
  • Carroll-Deborah
    Deborah Carroll
    Vice President, Executive Search
  • Carty-Neil
    Neil Carty
    Vice President
  • Maidy-Shane
    Shane Maidy
    Vice President
  • Mandy Majchrzak
    Vice President
  • Patry-Daniel
    Daniel Patry
    Vice President, Executive Search
  • Peek-Katie
    Katie Peek
    Vice President
  • Rasulo-James
    James Rasulo
    Vice President
  • Rosen-Lucy
    Lucy Rosen
    Chief Of Staff, Office of Wenda Harris Millard
  • Sachs-Jessica
    Jessica Sachs
    Vice President
  • Salter-Robbie
    Robbie Salter
    Chief of Stuff
  • Twibell-Kerry
    Kerry Twibell
    Vice President
  • Bhajandas-Preeya
    Preeya Bhajandas
    Finance Director
  • Engler-Ryan
    Ryan Engler
    Senior Associate
  • Kelly-Caitlin
    Caitlin Kelly
    Senior Associate
  • Steve Lavner
    Senior Associate
  • Liamani-Annick
    Annick Liamani
    Director of Events
  • Loquist-Kara
    Kara Loquist
  • Streuter-Allison
    Allison Streuter
    Senior Associate
  • Tooley-Brenna
    Brenna Tooley
    Senior Associate
  • Atkinson-Karega
    Karega Atkinson
    Technical Analyst
  • Chung-Mike
    Mike Chung
    IT Operations
  • Citrin-Andrew
    Andrew Citrin
    Research Manager
  • Cohen-Isaac
    Issac Cohen
    Manager of Research - Executive Search
  • Etter-David
    David Etter
  • Greenberg-Daniel
    Daniel Greenberg
  • Jafroodi-Kasra
    Kasra Jafroodi
  • Joven-Vilna
    Vilna Joven
    Executive Assistant to Michael Kassan
  • Manzanares-April
    April Manzanares
    Executive Assistant to Wenda Harris Millard
  • Perez-Diana
    Diana Perez
    Office Manager - Executive Assistant
  • Robertson-Louisa
    Louisa Robertson
  • Steiner-Danny
    Danny Steiner
  • Sturges-Chelsea
    Chelsea Sturges
    Events Coordinator
  • Tessler-Greer
    Greer Tessler
  • Thompson-Tiffany
    Tiffany Thompson
    Executive Assistant to Michael Kassan
  • Waldenberg-Evan
    Evan Waldenberg
    Research and Operations Coordinator
  • Wallace-Robin
    Robin Wallace
    Coordinator Executive Search
  • White-Vickey
    Vickey White
    Senior Accountant
  • Williams-Anastasia
    Anastasia Williams
  • Young-Lauren
    Lauren Young
    Events Manager


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