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IAB Members at SXSW: User Experience Takes Center Stage, Reflecting IAB Priorities

Each year before SXSW, there is anticipation about what the hot topics will be. Will there be new introductions? Will there be an activation that blows everyone away? What’s new? What’s hot? What’s not? And this year was no exception.

As always, the 600+ IAB member companies were well represented at SXSW. We caught up with some members and asked them to share what they thought were the most interesting or memorable themes that they heard at SXSW. While this represents only a few of the hundreds of IAB members on the ground in Austin, a few key themes rise to the top. These themes are largely focused on technology that is enabling better and smarter creative and media decisions that put the consumer first.

Emerging tech and platforms are enabling content creators access to consumers in hyper-personalized ways. Very evident at SXSW, brands were applying this trend head-on by creating multi-dimensional, immersive experiences by providing artists with a broader canvass on which to inspire empathy and entertain. At The Girls Lounge, Emblematic presented a VR experience that placed the user in a domestic violence situation, a powerful execution that could forecast a new frontier for public service campaigns. On a lighter note, Google and Warner Bros. commissioned VR artists to create original art inspired by “Wonder Woman” using Google Tilt Brush. ~ Jason Z. Haikara, SVP, MediaLink


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