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Fewer than 1% of Fortune 1000 board directors are marketers. We want to change that.

Yesterday, MediaLink announced our new effort to diversify corporate boards and bring in more directors with marketing and digital experience. We unveiled the news at the MAKERS conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., and I sat down with LinkedIn New Economy Editor Caroline Fairchild to chat more with her on the news. 

Caroline Fairchild: Why did you decide to move forward with this program now?

Wenda Harris Millard: What is fascinating about the statistics is that corporate boards have very few marketers. The reason I find that fascinating is because there is not a more disruptive time in business than right now. The volume and velocity of change is stunning. So, if you can think about the need for companies to transform, who knows more about your consumers and your competitors than marketers? And yet, 2.6% of board members of S&P 1500 companies have marketing experience. I find that astonishing. If you look at what boards are looking for, marketing is way down on the list. I maintain that the digital savviness that comes with marketing remains critically important given the business conditions we find ourselves in.

CF: We are at the MAKERS conference talking about the advancement of women. What do we need to do to make faster progress?

WHM: We need to turn up the volume on our voices. We did a great job the days after the election. We must be unrelentingly focused on the right issues and we need our voices to be very loud. We cannot hold back.


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