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Safe and Sound in the Wonderful Media Jungle

We are in a golden age of content matched by a whirlwind of technology – which creates an increasingly complicated, unchartered intersection, full of choices for consumers, marketers, and publishers.

Advertisers are looking for more transparency, efficiency, control and better guarantees from media companies, while also looking for mass reach vehicles to ensure they can get the scale they need to achieve their goals.

We are in the age of people-led advertising. What if advertisers could have the best of both worlds?  Premium content at scale in a safer environment, along with robust data-led targeting, precision, and attribution. It no longer has to be old versus new, static versus dynamic, context versus audience.

In a people-led media era, marketers are being drawn back to the mass reach, premium content of broadcast that consumers still enjoy en masse. But, brands are asking for more targeting and better data to ensure when they pay a premium, they are reaching the right targets.

Another enormous opportunity to get mass reach this season, and one that comes with new products, is broadcast radio.  Radio continues to remain the number one mass reach medium in the U.S. and can deliver premium, live content at massive scale, yet it’s easy to gloss over this medium when video takes the stage.  And in this Upfront season where seismic shifts are being discussed, a ‘sound’ strategy is an important element to consider.


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