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A Marketer’s Guide To Ad Tech Consultants, 2018 Edition

MediaLink launched its data and technology solutions (DTS) unit in 2014.

Buy-side or sell-side focus?

Clients span Fortune 100 brands, media companies, holding companies, agencies, vendors and ad tech investors. Short engagements are eight to 12 weeks, and big engagements are annual contracts.

What is MediaLink’s specialty?

DTS builds strategies, assesses vendors and constructs media and measurement models around personalized marketing. That involves connecting data, technology and strategy to media, marketing and content. It might, for example, build and deploy an identity resolution system.

“I’m a strong believer in working from outcomes and translating that into tech and data strategies,” said Mark Wagman, a vice president at MediaLink who oversees DTS.

Does it make tech recommendations, perform assessments or buy media?

MediaLink does not buy media.

But DTS does vet vendors across the publisher, agency and marketer landscape. It then helps clients assemble their marketing tech stacks and build internal strategies.

Boutique or big firm?

MediaLink has 150 employees in seven offices across the US and Europe, with practice areas spanning agency optimization, investor strategy, talent, brand transformation, event strategy, digital and data.

Its DTS unit has 20 people across seven markets.

MediaLink declined to disclose its number of clients.

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