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Agency of the Future: Survival of the Fittest

Two thousand eighteen is the new 1859, says Michael Kassan, MediaLink chairman and CEO.

It was, of course, in 1859 that Charles Dickens wrote “A Tale of Two Cities,” which kicks off with one of the all-time great first sentences: “It was the best of the times, it was the worst of times.” The same year, Charles Darwin authored “On the Origin of Species,” which introduced the concept behind “survival of the fittest.”

That Dickensian sentiment, combined with Darwin’s great theory, resonates deeply with Kassan. Technology, data, consumer demands, talent, financial pressures—marketers’ needs are changing rapidly. The big question: What will agencies have to do to stay ahead of this incessantly shifting industry? And what does the agency of tomorrow look like, anyway?

“Nobody has a crystal ball and nobody can say the agency of the future will be this way or that way,” says Kassan. “But what we can say is that there has to be a true willingness for the agency of the future to be more adaptive and reflective of clients’ needs. Only the ones who can adapt will survive.”

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