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Cannes Lions: Jeffrey Katzenberg Talks WndrCo Plans, “New TV” Model

The mogul envisions short episodes of shows of six to 10 minutes in length with a strong advertising component and offering creators a stake in the series.

Jeffrey Katzenberg has a lot of money, ideas and plans, but few immediate announcements about his new digital media and technology investment vehicle WndrCo, which he discussed Thursday at Cannes Lions.

Katzenberg also said production values on any of their shows will be on par with today’s premium shows, which he cited as costing $200,000 per minute for SVOD shows like Netflix’s House of Cardsto $300,000 per minute for HBO’s Game of Thrones. The per-minute spending for YouTube-type shows tops out at $5,000, he said during his onstage discussion with MediaLink’s Michael Kassan.


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